The C8405 is an I/O module designed for the C8000 modular processing solution providing SDI embedding/de-embedding features.

    The C8405 is a 16ch HD/SDI de-embedder and embedder + Video Delay. It is designed to handle 3G channels carrying up to 16 channels of audio tracks (4 groups).

    To provide lip sync in a complex audio processing chain, an integrated video delay compensates the audio latency caused by decoding and/or encoding.

    The auto sensing function enables to automatically manage both SD and HD SDI signals.

    A power fail bypass guarantees full security of your audio and video contents, who in case of power failure will simply go through the module untouched.

    C8405 is an I/O module designed for the C8000 modular system .

    Configuration and operation are performed via web interface. Remote control via GPI or through 3rd Party Devices (through open Ember protocol).

    Key Features

    C8405 SDI (3G/HD/SD) Block Diagram
    C8405 SDI (3G/HD/SD) Block Diagram
    • 3G/HD/SD autosensing SDI input
    • Access to up to 16 audio channels
    • Phase locking deembedder
    • Video test pattern generator
    • Video delay


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