Mix-Matrix & Limiter

The C8088 is a 8ch mixing matrix solution targeting TV playout and OB applications. Designed to mix and route audio from any of 8 inputs to any of 8 outputs helps handling different incoming signals and re-route without any limitations.

    Operators often need to have rapid access to SDI feeds and the matrix solution handles in and outputs and integrates clever fading functions including autofades in presets on crosspoints.

    The C8088 is a module designed for the C8000 modular system . I/O’s are provided in the desired format through the C8000 modular processing platform.

    Configuration and operation are performed via web interface. Remote control via GPI or through 3rd Party Devices (through open Ember protocol).

    Key Features

    C8088 Processing Block Diagram
    C8088 Processing Block Diagram
    • 8x8 Audio Matrix
    • Mixing
    • Routing
    • Fading
    • Brickwall Peak Limiter
    • Dolby® E Compatible
    • Bit Transparent Mode
    • Audio Delay


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