Audio Delay

Please note: this product was already discontinued (EOL) and is not available any more.

    The C8685 delay module is designed to apply audio delay in the C8000 modular processing solution in a wide variety of channel configurations.

    C8685 is a module designed for the C8000 modular system . I/O’s are provided in the desired format through the C8000 modular processing platform.

    Configuration and operation are performed via web interface. Remote control via GPI or through 3rd Party Devices (through open Ember protocol).

    Key Features

    C8685 Block Diagram
    C8685 Block Diagram
    • 8ch / 4ch / 2ch Variable Audio Delay
    • 1.36sec / 2.72sec / 5.44sec Maximum Delay Times
    • Delay in Frame or ms increments
    • Bit Transparent Mode
    • Automatic Display of Delay Times in Frames and ms
    • Remote Control via C8702 Frame Controller, GPI/O or tcp/IP based API


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