Spectral Signature™

Spectral Signature™ is Jünger Audio’s advanced dynamic filtering solution.

Static filter technology adds or removes a certain amount of band energy, regardless of the actual signal conditions. In many applications this is the preferred method and works perfectly fine when tweaking audio by ear. In an automated environment a more refined method is necessary to incorporate the spectral variations of continuous audio streams.

Spectral Signature™ permanently analyzes the frequency response of the incoming audio signal and filters adaptively. The energy of a single band is only altered if necessary. The process is steering 13 bands individually to match a pre-defined response curve. This match curve can be captured as a ‘fingerprint’ (the signature) from a reference signal or tweaked manually.

To avoid processing of lower level signals or even noise, a band based multi-stage gating function is incorporated. It also prevents unwanted side effects like excessive boosts in proportionally low-level frequency bands.

Spectral Signature™ is ideal to create consistency over diverging content, to create a defined ‘station sound’ or compensate for unwanted variations over longer recording periods under changing conditions.

It is optimized for use on single channel sources (voices, instruments…) as well as bus signals and playbacks (mixer outputs, players…).

  • Adaptive dynamic filtering for matching any input with a target frequency response
  • Elaborate gating system to prevent unwanted boosts or cuts
  • Simple operation without manual adjustment after initial setup
  • Minimal processing latency (typically less than 4ms)

Parametric Equalizer

The Jünger Audio classic equalizer features five identical filter bands with currently six selectable filter types.

They include two different peak filters (bell curve), high-shelf and low-shelf, as well as high-cut and low-cut filters.

Peak filters are fully parametric with independent control over quality (Q), frequency and gain.

The filters are designed for real-time applications and create no additional latency. They feature a very smooth phase response with low group delay, equal to the best analog filter designs.

All filters offer pristine audio quality and ‘musicality’ to cope with even the most demanding professional applications.

  • Six filter types (2x peak, high-shelf, low-shelf, high-cut, low-cut)
  • Real-time filters without absolute latency
  • Smooth phase response with minimal group delay

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