T*AP Television Audio Processor

Please note: this product was already discontinued (EOL) and is not available any more.

    If you are looking for additional product information, please refer to our manual or simply contact our sales or support team.


    • Jünger Application Manager - J*AM
      System: MS Windows™
      download (ZIP, 23.4 MB)
      Changelog (2017-08-31):


      • Fixed integration range issue in Log Analyzer


      • Fixed parameter inconsistencies occurred while network interruptions
      • Added support for C8492 PM5 and C8092 PM5
      • Added support for C8702 logger version 6


      • Added support for V*AP v2.0.1



    • T*AP (LEGACY) rel_tap_3_6_1.zip download (ZIP, 12.6 MB)
      Changelog 3.6.1 (2017-03-14):

      Firmware-Package for T*AP Television Audio Processor (Legacy Hardware)

      Changes 3.6.1:

      • changed (Web UI) java meter applet replaced by web sockets to revive metering in browsers without java support

      Please note: the java browser plugin is no longer necessary with T*AP

      • improved (Web UI) unsupported browser message is up to date again
      • improved (Web UI) Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer supported
      • improved (XAP) updated all Audio Processor parameters on XAP RM1
      • X*AP firmware update necessary (1.10.1)!

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