Clarity, consistency and repeatability of voice reproduction are vital elements in any content delivery chain to ensure maximum intelligibility and enjoyment.

  • Voice Leveler

    Voice Leveler

    Even the most experienced presenter can sometimes inadvertently create varying vocal levels. Sports commentary anyone? To assist in loudness based programming, a voice leveler can be used to pre-condition the voice component prior to combining it with the program element.

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  • Voice Equalization

    Voice Equalization

    A presenter or voice over artist's voice should be instantly recognisable any time, any day. Spectral Signature™ dynamic equalizer is a powerful creative tool allowing adaptive control of spectral balance. Incoming audio is analyzed and its spectral structure is compared to a predetermined “reference” curve. This allows dynamic EQ corrections to be applied only if necessary to achieve a consistent sound image and tonal balance.

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  • Voice Over

    Voice Over

    Voice Over provides seamless integration of voice and program content in situations such as continuity announcements or video description with automatic ducking of the program element. Triggering can be done either automatically through side chain detection or operated manually using an external control.

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