As consumers demand more content on more devices, the need for faster, more efficient and cost effective audio workflows has never been greater. SMART AUDIO is the way forward.



    SMART AUDIO means intelligent algorithms that work together to provide automated levelling, upmix, and adaptive EQ. Our processes are based on simple "set and forget" principles so after a one time easy configuration, they just "work".

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  • Ember+ -  3d party Integration

    Ember+ - 3d party Integration

    The Ember+ protocol is a sophisticated data exchange mechanism that has potential for controlling many functions across varied equipment types. An Ember+ controller can display and control all parameters the equipment gives access to. GUI’s can be customized to meet users needs, selecting the required controls, displaying and labelling them to make a user friendly layout.

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  • Plug-ins


    Aimed at the audio production and post-production community, the Jünger Audio by Flux:: J*AF LM brings all the features and performance of the Level MagicTM loudness management algorithm to users of all major Digital Audio Workstations. The J*AF LM software Plug-in runs within any of the currently available major Digital Audio Workstation platforms (AU / VST / AAX Native / AAX AudioSuite) under both WindowsTM and Mac operating systems including 32 and 64 bit versions.

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  • Live Production

    Live Production

    In a live broadcast situation, to ensure high quality and coherent audio, efficiency and accuracy are crucial elements of the production workflow. Adaptive and complementary algorithms running on devices that are all interoperable and which integrate seamlessly with playout and automation systems provide consistent and reliable results day after day.

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Take full control of your loudness with the audibly transparent Level Magic™ algorithm. Class leading intuitive and adaptive loudness processing in stereo or surround, for television and radio broadcast.

  • Level Magic™

    Level Magic™

    Level Magic™ is a comprehensive loudness measurement, correction and management algorithm designed to ensure compliance with all current worldwide loudness standards. Based on the underlying ITU-R BS.1770(-1/2/3) principle, Level Magic provides compatibility with EBU R128, ATSC A/85, ARIB TR-B32, FREE TV OP-59 and Portaria 354.

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  • TV Playout Loudness

    TV Playout Loudness

    Recommended and/or mandated target values for long term loudness levels are now widespread throughout the world and a carefully selected and correctly set-up loudness processor can be an invaluable tool to ensure compliance with loudness requirements whilst maintaining the highest possible audio quality. Find out how our range of solutions can help you manage your broadcast audio loudness levels and integrate seamlessly into your automated play out system.

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  • Radio Playout Loudness

    Radio Playout Loudness

    Although the focus of loudness measurement and recommended levels has been concentrated on TV broadcast over recent years, radio is now increasingly being considered amongst standard bodies and expert communities. Our air proven products will allow you to transition easily to loudness based normalisation for radio programming.

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  • Outside Broadcast

    Outside Broadcast

    Capturing the spirit of the action from the OB truck is all about creating and monitoring a compelling audio mix and ensuring that the the viewers will hear it exactly the way you intend. Our audio production and monitoring products can help you audition, QC check and verify mixes up to 7.1

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Why limit your broadcasts to just stereo audio? We can help you maintain a full-time 5.1 surround experience even if the majority of your content is only 2.0



    When broadcasting a combination of stereo and 5.1 audio content, it can be disturbing to viewers when the surround field collapses back to stereo and vice-versa. UPMIX can be set to detect stereo only content and automatically create 5.1 in order to maintain a constant surround experience. Existing 5.1 content will of course pass untouched.

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All Jünger Audio Slim Line products have the option of a Dante Audio over IP interface card for simple distribution of audio over existing network connections.

  • AoIP


    Based on industry standards, Audinate created Dante, an uncompressed, multi-channel digital media networking technology, with near-zero latency and synchronization. One cable does it all. Dante does away with heavy, expensive analog or multicore cabling, replacing it with low-cost, easily-available CAT5e or CAT6 cable for a simple, lightweight, and economical solution. Dante integrates media and control for your entire system over a single, standard IP network.

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When audio needs to be re-purposed for delivery to different environments or devices, our advanced dynamics processes give you complete control no matter what the target or distribution path.

  • Dynamics


    Dynamic Processing is one of the most effective tools that an audio engineer has to make sure all of those important parts that have been recorded will actually be heard in the final product. Wide dynamic range content such as a theatre movie mix may require some careful and creative compression in order to provide a complete and pleasing experience on all consumer devices.

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  • EQ


    Equalization, or EQ is a powerful tool for fine tuning frequency response to create accurate tonal balance in the listening environment. Advanced equalization systems provide a fine level of frequency control but the key is to be able to adjust a narrower range of frequencies without affecting neighbouring frequencies.

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  • Post Production and Mastering

    Post Production and Mastering

    No matter how much care and attention has been spent on capturing the ideal audio experience at the recording stage, there are often issues or artefacts that need to be corrected at the post production stage including dialog replacement, voice over narration or real time translation. Finally, you've created your killer mix and now it's time to commit the project to the final stage of the process. You can trust Jünger Audio's more than two decades of experience to assist with any fine tuning and normalisation at this crucial step.

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Clarity, consistency and repeatability of voice reproduction are vital elements in any content delivery chain to ensure maximum intelligibility and enjoyment.

  • Voice Leveler

    Voice Leveler

    Even the most experienced presenter can sometimes inadvertently create varying vocal levels. Sports commentary anyone? To assist in loudness based programming, a voice leveler can be used to pre-condition the voice component prior to combining it with the program element.

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  • Voice Equalization

    Voice Equalization

    A presenter or voice over artist's voice should be instantly recognisable any time, any day. Spectral Signature™ dynamic equalizer is a powerful creative tool allowing adaptive control of spectral balance. Incoming audio is analyzed and its spectral structure is compared to a predetermined “reference” curve. This allows dynamic EQ corrections to be applied only if necessary to achieve a consistent sound image and tonal balance.

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  • Voice Over

    Voice Over

    Voice Over provides seamless integration of voice and program content in situations such as continuity announcements or video description with automatic ducking of the program element. Triggering can be done either automatically through side chain detection or operated manually using an external control.

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To be able to deliver both stereo and surround audio over two channel, bandwidth limited transmission paths, data compression and coding provides an elegant solution.

  • Dolby® decoding, encoding or transcoding

    Dolby® decoding, encoding or transcoding

    Wherever there is a requirement for decoding, encoding or transcoding of any Dolby® bitstream format within the broadcast chain, as long term OEM partners and specialists, Jünger Audio can provide a solution for all applications and can supply suitable alternative products for discontinued Dolby® hardware such as the DP570 Multichannel Audio Tool.

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  • Metadata Emulation

    Metadata Emulation

    When working with Dolby® encoded audio, metadata emulation allows the values of critical parameters such as Dialnorm, Downmix and DRC to be verified or adjusted and the resulting audio auditioned in real time to be certain that the end user hears exactly what the mixer intended.

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Transmitting FM radio signals brings a unique set of challenges to ensure that your station sounds the way you want it to and does not exceed any specified limits or maximum values.

  • FM Conditioner

    FM Conditioner

    For FM radio broadcast, the signal transmitted is not just frequency modulated audio but a multiplex of signals that can include audio, data, carrier and stereo pilot tone. Our FM Conditioner process gives you control over the most important parameters to ensure clean, clear, consistent and compliant results including MPX power, deviation and pre-emphasis.

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To ensure consistent high quality audio that meets all specifications, monitoring and measuring is an important step in any audio production or delivery workflow.

  • Audio Measurement

    Audio Measurement

    As the broadcast world continues to adopt loudness based normalisation at an ever increasing rate, it has become vital to be certain that any content distributed falls within the accepted range for both short and long term values and does not exceed any maximum true peak limits. Accurate measurement tools that can act as a "watchdog" and can trigger alarms if any preset values are exceeded are an invaluable aid to ensuring compliance and comfort.

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  • Audio Monitoring

    Audio Monitoring

    Whether evaluating an audio mix prior to mastering or ensuring that broadcast audio is compliant with relevant standards or recommendations, monitoring is an essential function to give the assurance that listeners and/or viewers will enjoy the experience that the artist intended.

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Capture and archive loudness measurements on local or remote storage drives with user defined frequency and duration. Historical files can be recalled and the original live plots re-created for analysis.

  • Logging


    With audio quality and clarity playing such a large part in the content delivery experience, viewers and/or listeners are notoriously intolerant of any imperfections and in particular, excessive loudness levels. Logging and storage of critical audio parameters is becoming standard practice amongst the broadcast industry allowing easy recall and analysis of values from any given instance in the past.

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