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Jünger Audio specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-quality, digital audio dynamic processors. Whatever your processing needs, we have a unique range of products and solutions for you.

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    Maximum performance, Minimum footprint. When rack space is limited, our SLIM LINE range of digital audio processors give you all the power you need from studio voice conditioning through to final broadcast playout. Whether you need comprehensive dynamics and loudness management, or a “build it yourself” modular software solution, we have the answer in our versatile 4 or 8 channel units.

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    For the maximum possible ratio between rack space and channel count for real-time loudness management, look no further than our High Density line.

    Choose up to 64 channels of audio processing in 1RU, or 256 channels in 3RU and you have industry leading quality with the lowest possible space requirement.

    What’s the secret? Our C8491 card combines SDI I/O and DSP functionality in a single package that delivers performance without compromise.

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    For a totally custom built approach to digital audio processing, the C8000 modular system offers a wide range of hardware options including frames, I/O cards and processing cards that can be mixed and matched to create a unique solution for managing loudness and dynamics along with comprehensive Dolby® support.

    The concept behind the C8000 modular system is total flexibility and adaptability for all digital audio processing applications. Choose a frame and then select only the modules with the required functionality to create a truly bespoke system.

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    All latest Jünger Audio devices offer connectivity to our J*AM Application Manager, a powerful MS Windows™ software platform that allows to launch current and future Jünger Audio software applications for Metering, Monitoring, Loudness Management and Audio Processing.

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    With our latest Jünger Audio Level Magic™ DAW plug-in , we now also offer a powerful Loudness Management PLUG-IN, supporting all major DAW platforms (AU/VST/AAX/AS) for both Real Time and Offline (AudioSuite) processing in 32 & 64 bits under both Windows and Mac OS X.

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  • Jünger Audio Provides Level Magic Selective Loudness Processing For MPEG-H TV Audio System

    Jünger Audio, the market leader in loudness control and audio processing for television broadcasting, and Fraunhofer IIS are presenting a prototype multi channel monitoring, authoring and loudness processor for the new MPEG-H TV audio system. The Jünger Audio technology allows broadcasters using the MPEG-H system to maintain compliance with loudness regulations while avoiding the processing artifacts of traditional loudness control approaches.

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  • Jünger Audio and ATSC 3.0 at NAB 2015 / Proposal for multichannel immersive audio monitoring processor on display

    Jünger Audio and ATSC 3.0 at NAB 2015

    Jünger Audio have taken the first steps in developing an audio monitoring solution compatible with upcoming immersive multichannel 3D audio formats. Comprising of a combination of hardware containing I/O, decoding stage, monitoring functionality, audio control software and an advanced user interface, the unit allows for monitoring and auditioning of up to 16 channels of audio. All metadata including dynamic description of included objects for 3D rendering, or personalization of audio services can be handled and controlled. A variety of physical input and output formats will be offered including SDI, MADI and AoIP. For object based encoded content, the graphical interface allows the user to perform 3D panning for audio objects to move and pan them around the screen, along with controlling the level. There is also the option of the personalization of services through the selection of alternative audio objects such as commentator languages.

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  •  H*EAR Automated studio production

    Automated Studio Production Technology on show at NAB2015.

    As the demand for more automation in the studio production environment has grown, and the expectation of interoperability with other manufacturers’ equipment has increased, all Jünger products are compatible with the Ember+ control protocol to facilitate the most efficient workflows in audio production and distribution. The high performance of the processing algorithms and their adaptive control characteristic are the base for using them in system designs with highest grade of automation.

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  • Level Magic In Multichannel 5.1

    Level Magic™ DAW plug-in to be released.

    Jünger Audio announces that in a partnership collaboration with Flux::, their renowned loudness management algorithm is to be released as a software tool supporting all major DAW platforms (AU/VST/AAX/AS) for both Real Time and Offline (AudioSuite) processing in 32 & 64 bits under both Windows and Mac OS X.

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Jünger Audio specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality digital audio dynamics processors.
Our customers include the world’s top radio and TV broadcasters, IPTV providers, music recording studios and audio post production facilities.

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