When audio needs to be re-purposed for delivery to different environments or devices, our advanced dynamics processes give you complete control no matter what the target or distribution path.

  • Dynamics


    Dynamic Processing is one of the most effective tools that an audio engineer has to make sure all of those important parts that have been recorded will actually be heard in the final product. Wide dynamic range content such as a theatre movie mix may require some careful and creative compression in order to provide a complete and pleasing experience on all consumer devices.

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  • EQ


    Equalization, or EQ is a powerful tool for fine tuning frequency response to create accurate tonal balance in the listening environment. Advanced equalization systems provide a fine level of frequency control but the key is to be able to adjust a narrower range of frequencies without affecting neighbouring frequencies.

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  • Post Production and Mastering

    Post Production and Mastering

    No matter how much care and attention has been spent on capturing the ideal audio experience at the recording stage, there are often issues or artefacts that need to be corrected at the post production stage including dialog replacement, voice over narration or real time translation. Finally, you've created your killer mix and now it's time to commit the project to the final stage of the process. You can trust Jünger Audio's more than two decades of experience to assist with any fine tuning and normalisation at this crucial step.

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