J*AS Administration Surface

This service application enables centralized device monitoring, user management and preset synchronization accessible from anywhere within an IP network.

    • Overview

    The Jünger Administration Surface offers comprehensive and simultaneous control for multiple Jünger Audio devices. It makes presets accessible across the network, features an easy to use interface for loading and adjusting presets and offers valuable metadata for system administration. The application can be easily incorporated into any existing network.

    • Global Preset Management

    J*AS is built to work as a layer above Jünger Audio’s powerful preset and event management system. It synchronizes presets between devices while keeping a history of all previous preset versions. Every time a preset is created in any connected device, it is automatically stored in a centralized database and becomes universally available.

    • Operator UI

    J*AS features a dedicated user interface for preset loading. This interface can be operated intuitively even by non-technical staff. For example to allow presenters to load personalized presets on their own. The Operator UI displays audio channels (e.g., microphone inputs) as buttons which can be visually arranged to match a physical studio setup.

    • User Management

    J*AS combines the centralization of all presets within a system with its practical user and device management capabilities. Devices can become assigned to locations and presets can become assigned to users. This enables presenters to activate their personalized presets at any location by simply identifying themselves, for example with a password login, RFID or fingerprint device.

    • Centralized Monitoring and Administration

    In addition to the aforementioned Operator UI, JAS features a second user interface for device configuration and administration. It facilitates system service staff’s daily work by displaying all devices at once in a well laid-out overview window. Technical statuses and metadata can be checked and verified at a glance. For trouble shooting, JAS receives and stores the system logs of all connected devices.

    • Accessible, Redundant and Flexible

    As a flexible multi-platform server application, JAS can run on virtually any computer. Ranging from a single laptop to multi device server installations for redundancy. Like all other current Jünger Audio products, JAS is operated via web interface using a standard web browser, anywhere within your network.

    Available in Q1 / 2017

    Key Features:

    • Global preset management
    • Operator UI
    • User management
    • Centralized device monitoring
    • Accessibility, redundancy and multi-platform flexibility

    More Features:

    • Convenient preset management, accessible from any work station or mobile device
    • Every preset becomes instantly available on all connected D*AP devices
    • Simple user interface for preset activation, suitable for non-technical personnel
    • Users can activate their personalized presets at the push of a button
    • Hosts can activate presets on multiple devices at once
    • Device access control
    • Automatic preset activation on user identification
    • Access to status and technical metadata of all connected devices
    • Access to all device’s error logs
    • Operated via web interface from anywhere within the network
    • Automatic fail over mechanism when run on multiple machines
    • Automatic database backup
    • Compatible to MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix

    Product Brief

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