Loudness Analyzer Playout

LA Playout is an elaborate loudness analyzing tool that receives loudness logging data from Jünger Audio's processing systems and relates them to as-run lists from playout systems in order to create comprehensive loudness reports. This allows broadcasters to keep track of their output loudness, individually for each clip or program segment. LA Playout is a joint development of Jünger Audio and Tecom Group.

    LA Playout references loudness logs obtained by J*AM Loudness Logger from Jünger Audio’s processors to common broadcast schedules, “as-run” logs from playout automation systems or simple playlists.

    It provides in-depth information about the loudness values of each playout-event (clip or segment) and automatically generates overview reports to document compliance with loudness regulations.

    The measurement data is derived directly from the Jünger Audio processor and delivered over network. No additional measurement instruments are necessary.

    All data for each scheduled program part is provided in one list, on one screen - for easy monitoring and evaluation.

    This allows for quick and easy detection of on-air loudness anomalies.

    The analysis is performed in near real time. Broadcasters can access analytical reports instantly to ensure high quality of their broadcasting service and respond to problems immediately.

    LA Playout: Schematic Workflow
    LA Playout: Schematic Workflow

    Key Features

    • Created in cooperation with Tecom Group
    • References loudness logs obtained by J*AM Loudness logger from Jünger Audio's processors to playout schedules and playlists
    • Imports broadcast schedules or as-run logs from playout automation systems
    • Currently supported as-run logs and playlists: Imagine Communications (Harris) ADC 100 and ADC 1000 AVECO, Vizrt, Pebble Beach and other file support available on customer request
    • Analytical information about the integrated loudness of each playout event
    • Loudness measurement in compliance with ITU-R BS.1770 (all revisions), EBU R128, ATSC A/85, ARIB TR-B32, FREE TV OP-59 and Portaria 354
    • Network based measurement data delivery
    • Regulatory reporting
    • Operation requires J*AM Loudness Logger license