AoIP (Dante®/AES67) / MADI I/O - C8315

The C8315 is an I/O module designed for the C8000 modular processing solution providing AoIP (Dante®/AES67) and MADI (AES 10) electrical (BNC) connectivity.

    The MADI and Dante® / AES67 - AoIP interface provides simple and convenient interconnection between conventional audio and AoIP audio production environments. It connect all kinds of production systems to easily contribute their audio signals.

    Key Features

    • Dante®/AES67 I/O: Access to 64ch audio channels; Dual RJ45 interface for redundant or switched operation; Redundant network support
    • MADI I/O: Access to 64ch audio channels, electrical BNC, Reference grade clock recovery


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