flexAI Program Processing Channel Strip - STEREO

Program Processing Channel Strip with comprehensive features such as Equalizer, Spectral Signature, Dynamics, automatic Fail Over, Level Magic loudness controller and True Peak Limiter.

    Versatile Audio Processing

    Our Program Processing Channel Strip is an essential tool for professional program audio processing. With a range of features including EQ, Spectral Signature, and Dynamics, it enables precise and versatile sound shaping as well as guaranteeing technical parameters and quality expectations. The automatic Fail Over function ensures uninterrupted audio, while Level Magic and the True Peak Limiter guarantee consistent output loudness and a broadcast ready output signal.

    Included Modules:

    • Optional surround downmix
    • Input and output metering and loudness measurement
    • Input Conditioner
    • Automatic Fail Over
    • Spectral Signature (Adaptive Dynamic Filter)
    • Equalizer
    • Compressor
    • Expander
    • Level Magic loudness controller
    • True Peak Limiter

    Surround Downmix

    The channel strip can be loaded with an optional surround downmix input enabling fully legacy stereo broadcast in otherwise surround sound based audio environments.

    Requires flexAI Engine

    Please note that this product requires the flexAI Engine license to run in flexAI.

    TelosCare PLUS Required

    For support and regular updates, a TelosCare PLUS subscription is required for all flexAI products. This provides you with access to top-notch customer service and ensures your software is always up to date.

    Key Features

    • Program Processing Channel Strip - license for flexAI
    • STEREO version
    • Compatible with all flexAI versions including flexAIserver, AIXpressor or flexAIcloud

    Versions & Options

    • 5.1 SURROUND version available with automatic Upmix


    • TV and Streaming audio program processing
    • Loudness control
    • Stereo output processing and loudness control in surround sound environments
    • Dynamic range control
    • Station sound design
    • Sum and bus processing