flexAI Dolby® E Decoder

Advanced Dolby® E Decoder designed for seamless integration into broadcast workflows, providing high-quality decoding of Dolby® E encoded audio streams.

    Our Dolby® E Decoder is specifically engineered for professional broadcast environments, enabling the precise decoding of Dolby® E encoded audio streams. This technology ensures the delivery of high-quality multi-channel audio through existing stereo infrastructure, making it ideal for television broadcasting, post-production, and live event production

    Included Modules:

    - Dolby® E Decoder
    - Output metering


    - Dolby® E stream detection and decoding
    - Synchronization to video signals
    - Audio routing and management
    - Comprehensive metadata handling
    - Output metering

    Dolby® E Format

    Dolby® E is a digital audio encoding system designed specifically for post-production and broadcasting workflows. It supports up to eight channels of audio in a single encoded stream, allowing for high-quality surround sound transmission while maintaining compatibility with existing broadcast infrastructures.

    Flexible and Efficient Workflow Integration

    The decoder is equipped with features that ensure a flexible and efficient workflow, such as synchronization to video signals and comprehensive metadata handling and automatic PCM pass-through. It supports various output formats, making it highly adaptable to different production needs.

    Requires FlexAI Engine

    Please note that this product requires the FlexAI Engine to function effectively, ensuring smooth and responsive operation.

    TelosCare PLUS Required

    For optimal performance and reliability, a TelosCare PLUS subscription is required. This subscription provides ongoing support and updates, ensuring that your decoder remains compatible with the latest industry standards and technologies.

    Key Features

    • Dolby® E Decoder - license for flexAI
    • Compatible with all flexAI versions including flexAIserver, AIXpressor or flexAIcloud


    • Television broadcast studios
    • Live event production
    • Post-production facilities
    • Audio mastering studios
    • Multi-channel audio routing for broadcast and streaming