Jünger Audio Helps Lumiere TV Improve Sound Quality Across All Of Its Channels

Jünger Audio Helps Lumiere TV Improve Sound Quality Across All Of Its Channels

Nicosia, Cyprus: Multi-channel broadcaster Lumiere TV has invested in Jünger Audio’s LEVEL MAGIC™ technology to ensure that all of its transmitted channels maintain the same audio level and loudness.

Launched in 1993 as the first Pay-TV channel in Cyprus, the Lumiere TV Group has subsequently expanded into a number of TV-related areas. Yet despite this rapid growth, LTV’s mission remains the same: to offer the best quality TV entertainment programs and television services to its growing subscriber platform.

Marios Anastasiou, Technical Manager at LTV, says: “We decided to invest in Jünger Audio technology because we were looking for a way of improving sound quality, loudness and levelling across all of our channels without adding audio delay in the SDI output signal. Ease of use was an important consideration and after researching the market we chose Jünger Audio’s B40 Digital Audio Toolbox units because they were very easy to install and equally easy to operate. We now have three of them, which we use to adjust sound levels or manipulate audio channels during the ingest of material to our video server from our VTR machines.”

After its positive experience with the B40 units, Lumiere TV increased its investment in Jünger Audio technology by acquiring eight of the company’s B46 LEVEL MAGIC digital dynamics processors. These are also very easy to operate as users only have to input a small number of settings. Once the settings are in place, the LEVEL MAGIC system achieves optimum results by reviewing all other parameters necessary for inaudible processing and automatically controlling them in response to changes in the programme signal. By relying on an adaptive level control algorithm, LEVEL MAGIC can adjust the level from any source at any time, with no pumping, breathing or distortion. It works by simultaneously combining an AGC, a Transient Processor for fast changes and a “look ahead” Peak Limiter for continuous unattended control of any programme material, regardless of its original source.

“We have installed the B46 units at the end of each channel’s broadcast chain in order to maintain constant audio leveling, compression, limiting and gain,” Anastasiou says. “Both the B40 and B46 units are straight forward to operate because you can see the status of each machine just by looking at its front panel. Another advantage is that they can easily be controlled by our automation system and they offer us a number of useful presets.”

Lumiere TV has also invested in four Jünger Audio Mix4 units, which are being used to insert live commentary audio into SDI embedded signals. With 4 stereo full-featured Channel Strips and SDI in and out, these small, cost-effective mixers are ideally suited for de-embedding audio from raw material and mixing this with speech and other sources, before embedding the mix back to SDI.

Anastasiou adds: “We’re really happy with our Jünger Audio equipment because it has enabled us to manipulate SDI embedded signals and control audio level and loudness in a very easy and reliable way. All our Jünger Audio units run 24 hours a day, seven days a week and we have never had a failure with any one of them.”