Bidirectional MADI/AoIP (Dante™ & AES67) converter - Netbridge MADI

Netbridge MADI is an advanced interface for simple and fast bridging between Audio-over-IP (AES67 & DANTE™) and MADI infrastructures. With its two independent MADI and AoIP interfaces it handles up to 128 audio channels.

    Ideally suited for integrating classic point-to-point multichannel systems into modern network infrastructures, the Netbridge MADI provides a straight and easy interconnection between 128 channels of MADI and Audio-over-IP (DANTE™ & AES67 ). With its two full blown 64-to-64 channel interfaces, Netbridge MADI has the capacity to bridge between a large scale 128 channel installation or two independent 64 channel systems.

    Format bridging

    Netbridge MADI provides a simple and convenient interconnection between MADI and AoIP. MADI is widely used in current audio and video production environments, exchanging these systems for newer solutions is very cost sensitive and sometimes even impossible. Instead with Netbridge MADI a transparent integration is easy, convenient and cost effective.

    Future proof – AES67 and SMPTE ST2110

    In AES67 mode the AoIP interface is fully compatible to SMPTE ST2110-30, making it an ideal solution to integrate legacy equipment in cutting edge audio and video facilities.

    Dual 64 channel operation

    Inside Netbridge MADI two separate interfaces allow for synchronous or asynchronous operation. Each interface bridges 64 channels in either direction. Both interfaces can be used independently or combined for a total of 128 channels.

    Create redundancy

    Sending the same network source to both interfaces allowes redundant MADI lines to create multichannel signal splits for example for backup and parallel recordings or feeding remote trucks and local systems at the same time.

    System Security

    The dual redundant PSUs ensure maximum operational safety and resilience. The network interface can be used in switched or redundant mode, depending on the network configuration.

    System Integration

    Netbridge MADI is running in a straight and simple one-to-one mode bridging all incoming signals to their respective output channels in the other signal format. All routing is done from the network controller, avoiding any necessity for double routing and additional user interfacing.

    Feature Overview: NETBRIDGE MADI

    Key Features

    • 128ch Bidirectional MADI/AoIP (Dante™ & AES67) converter
    • 2x DANTE™/AES67 I/O: Access to 2x 64ch audio channels; Dual RJ45 interface for redundant or switched operation; Redundant network support
    • 2x MADI I/O: Access to 2x 64ch audio channels, electrical BNC, Reference grade clock recovery
    • 19”, 1RU device, Dual redundant PSU’s