Jünger Audio and ATSC 3.0 at NAB 2015

Proposal for multichannel immersive audio monitoring processor on display

Peter Pörs,  Business Development Manager, Jünger Audio GmbH
Peter Pörs, Business Development Manager, Jünger Audio GmbH

Berlin, Germany:

Jünger Audio have taken the first steps in developing an audio monitoring solution compatible with upcoming immersive multichannel 3D audio formats. Comprising of a combination of hardware containing I/O, decoding stage, monitoring functionality, audio control software and an advanced user interface, the unit allows for monitoring and auditioning of up to 16 channels of audio. All metadata including dynamic description of included objects for 3D projection, or personalization of audio services can be handled and controlled. A variety of physical input and output formats will be offered including SDI, MADI and AoIP. For object based encoded content, the graphical interface allows the user to perform 3D panning for audio objects to move and pan them around the screen, along with controlling the level. There is also the option of the personalization of services through the selection of alternative audio objects such as commentator languages.

The future hardware based product solution will offer a platform to host all the emerging immersive 3D audio encoding formats from different vendors.

Managing Director Peter Pörs commented, “In future it will be more difficult to integrate conventional hardware based professional audio products within IP based and automated workflow designs for TV broadcast and distribution. The live production environment and real-time audio monitoring will remain as examples of where hardware based audio gear can’t be “virtualized” as an IP code plug-in for an integrated device. Building on our long-term experience of designing and manufacturing dedicated audio processing products for digital TV production, we are actively engaged in developing this multichannel immersive audio monitoring processor ready for the next generation of TV broadcast. We envisage that this solution will be deployed not just in production and post-production, but at all stages of the audio workflow where programs running future immersive audio standards need to be controlled or monitored effectively.”

On display at NAB, one of the audio formats currently being proposed for inclusion in the ATSC 3.0 standard will be on demonstration.

Jünger Audio will be exhibiting at C2333.